Saturday, 21 January 2012

Aquiring Audience Feedback

I chose to mention my A2 media coursework in a recent video to get audience feedback on it, here's a clip from that video:

So far much of the feedback has been perhaps the video is a little slow, however as mentioned in the feedback this seems to be down more to the personal music preference of the audience.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Magazine Advert: 2nd draft

My next draft addressed the issues raised from my audience feedback.
I chose to also include the Digipack/album cover on the advert as through my research I found that commonly music adverts contained an image of the album cover, so I chose to conform to this convention, which also gave the advert a more professional air.

Plus it was important to include some indication of what product was being advertised so that it was clear to the consumer reading the text!

Part of the feedback I recieved on this draft is that it looked quite flat, due to the very clean and ordered look it had. It was suggested to make the indent in the bottom right more vertical for example in this advert.

also to give more contrast to the piece as a whole, I chose to include a black gradient along the bottom of the advert, as seen in the example above. this would also allow the white text of the advert to stand out from the background photograph.

Magazine Advert: 1st draft Audience feedback

From my research, I found magazine adverts tended to focus on the main singer, a convention often seen in all aspects of  creating the image of a band.

However I chose to challenge the usual convention of showing the entire band and elected to go purely with just the singer, as I felt it was more representative of the style and image I was creating for the band.

The feedback I got from this was that first the colouration of the whole advert was too washed out, as in the video the colours appeared too washed out, this will be a simple fix of increasing the contrast of the video

Also suggested was to include a release date and more information about the album, from looking at real media texts I opted to  include a banner near the bottom with details about the album, as seen in the "The Dirty Youth" magazine advert, this would require me to move the web address and record label logo as well

Magazine Advert: Creating the advert

I chose to have the magazine advert focus on the main singer of the band as I wanted to reinforce the almost lonely image and idea I had already created for the band.

This was the image I chose to use as I felt it had the best framing
of all the images, I also liked how the model was framed up against
the clouds, creating a split in the image.
Whilst very similar to the first I felt the split created by the clouds was
not as prominent as before, Also the tilt in this photo was far too
steep which reduced the impact of the shot, as it felt more
Whilst my model was far more centred in this shot I felt it didn't have
the feeling of the others, the low angle was too steep becoming
more of a worms eye which gave my model far too much headroom.
Also when capturing photographs for the advert I attempted to get shots of this kind, but from a reflection in a puddle, however in the end I chose to go with the normal low angle shot as I felt it complied more with the image I had created for the band.

This would have been the image I would have used had i chosen
to use the reflection idea, however unless there was a large
amount of refraction on the surface it wasn't clear it was a reflection
and it was extrememly difficuly to see my model when that happened. 

here is an example of what I meant by unable to see the model, also for
my model to be the correct way up, I had to flip the image which made
non-reflected image appear upside down, which was not an effect
I wanted