Friday, 9 December 2011

Music video draft: audience feedback

The audience feedback overall was rather positive, one of the key parts people said was good, was the camera angles and shots.

one of the areas which was brought up, was the colour grading, whilst throughout the majority of the video, the colour grading was correct, giving a slight blue tint, in some places the colours looked very bleached out.

also brought up was how in one location the singer was both lip syncing and keeping his mouth closed when the track had vocals, someone suggested that perhaps to keep it more consistent and either have him lip syncing or not in the same location. I chose to keep this in as it helped to reinforce the subdued feel of the video and song.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Magazine Advert: Continued Research

Whilst looking at the various magazines I started thinking of the various elements the advert would need to include, for the final magazine advert I want it to be quite simplistic, which fits the style created with the digipack and music video.

I knew I would have to include the band name and album name, perhaps the name of the song "bad dreams" which the music video is for.
Also the name and logo of the record company would be needed.
I chose to include a quote as well, from a well known music magazine such a nme, or kerrang as it is more appropriate to my genre.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Music Video: 3rd video shoot

On this final shooting weekend, I captured the footage of the hill scene, this was the complete performance part of the video with the entire band performing with equipment,

The shoot itself went reasonably well, I managed to capture all the required shots. Unfortunately however some of the shots cam out overexposed due to having to manually adjust the exposure for some shots, and forgetting to reset it.

I had some trouble acquiring a drum kit for this shoot, only locating one about an hour before the shoot, the first kit we planned on using was unavailable as, on the day I was told, someone else had it, and I unfortunately couldn't get hold of that person. luckily the bassist of the band had a brother who allowed us to borrow his.

Music Video- editing

Unfortunately during editing I lost my memory stick which contained the premiere pro editing file, luckily I had backups of the actual footage, but had to begin the editing process again.

For this version, I did the initial edit in a program called power director, because I don't have access to premiere pro on my home computer.

This was then exported to be colour graded on premiere pro.

Magazine Advert: Research and Planning

When planning my magazine advert I looked back at the images and ideas I had gathered for the digipack and the music video, I needed to make sure the advert had the same look as the digipack and music video in order to maintain a consistent image for the band.

We had been provided with a number of magazine adverts, I picked out a couple which I felt matched the genre of the band, and also matched the kind of look I am trying to create.

Also within these adverts though were a couple which whilst they didn't quite fit the image I was attempting to create, they included ideas which I thought could work well.

For example, in these two images I liked how they had the singer at the forefront thus conforming to genre conventions, but still pictures the entire band instead of relying on just a single band member(the singer).

From this preliminary research my thoughts were to have the majority of the advert be a photograph of the band. such as with the "The Dirty Youth" example.

Font wise for the magazine advert I chose to use the same font as on my digipack, this would keep a level of consistency across all the products, the same would go for the colours and other aspects of mise-en-scene, such as costume. in order to keep to the product and image I have created for the band.